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          Some City fans are not in favor of Messi's inclusion, and even have some complaints about the club's invitation to coach Gua because he failed to give the fans the Champions League trophy they wanted. The League champions room name, before the two managers can also do, so that the Gua Shuai into Manchester City did not succeed. These people are still waiting for guara to leave the team after the end of the new season, the team can re open a new era, but did not expect that Messi may arrive this summer, which is indeed a more risky behavior, but Manchester City high-level is ecstatic about such an opportunity.

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          As for the new goalkeeper of the blue army, it is more likely that Ryan's goalkeeper Mendi is the goalkeeper. Although the player has experience, it must be noted that Ryan wants to be included in areola of Greater Paris before he can release Mendi. Therefore, there are still doubts about this transaction. Mendi, 28, played 33 games for the team last season, including 13 clean sheets. However, the Premier League team is more aggressive, and it is uncertain whether there will be so many clean sheets in the first league. It is understood that aleola is more willing to play in the Premier League, but Paris still wants him back, so it is difficult for all these factors to facilitate the deal more quickly.

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